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Full Moon Crazies

by PJ on August 24th, 2010

Yeah, I got ‘em. Full Moon Crazies in force.

Hanging out in the moonbeams in the backyard, admiring my shadow. Even Louie is fun to be around during a full moon.

And what’s this? My human companions come to join us! They like the lights in the sky, the full Moon and Jupiter, so bright and sparkly I just want to jump up on it and flip my tail at the Earth. Moon crazies!

My human companions played the old stick-chasing game with me, and my full Moon energy made me happy to oblige. This is a Pisces full moon, so it will create some harmony with my Cancer Sun.

Full Moon Crazy Cancer Crab Walk!

Crab Crab Crab across the ground, grab the stick, sit. Walk around Dad, grab the stick, sit. Flip tail.

I love this game.


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