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Jul 24 10

Who Are All These FartKnockers in My House?

by triloci


So my human companions have allowed a whole mess of stinky screaming people into my house. Two of them are toddlers hardly bigger than me. They run and they shriek and it really disturbs my daily rhythm. I had to spend the day snoozing in the leaves out back instead of on the new rocking chair my human companions bought me last week.

They are not here now, but their stench lingers in the air and I know they will return.

[Yawn.] Better finish this post up before the urge to snooze overta…

Jul 21 10

A Misplaced Birthday Present

by triloci

PJ Speaks! Mraow!

My guardians are expecting a child in December, so they bought this glider chair to rock the baby to sleep in and for breast-feeding.

Naturally, I assume it’s mine.

Even now, I am making the male guardian rock me incessantly as he blogs.

Perhaps tomorrow I will allow Louie or Button to post an entry about their latest…exploits.


Jul 20 10

A Very Special Birthday

by triloci

PJ can drive! He turned 16 years old yesterday and I got him his driver’s license. This blog is his birthday present.

Check back for more on the adventures of PJ, Louie, Button, Pinky, Cookie and the whole gang of 9th Street feline ruffians.